How do I know if there are spots left for bouquet preservation?

If you are able to click on a date on the calendar, it's available! Once the month is completely booked (I take up to 5 reservations per weekend) the month will be blacked out. 

My wedding was this past weekend, can I still book?

I will accept non pre-booked bouquets on a case by case basis if I am not already fully booked. If you bouquet is wilting, browning, smelly, or overall not in the best shape, I will not be able to work with you unfortunately. Clients who book after the wedding acknowledge their flowers may not preserve as well. 

What is the process like?

The process begins with reserving your date on our calendar and paying the $100 retainer (this will be deducted from your final invoice). Next you will be prompted to select your desired pieces. The confirmation page will provide you with links to the contact and delivery instructions. After reviewing and signing the contract you will deliver or overnight ship your bouquet using our detailed delivery instructions. Once we receive your flowers the invoice will be sent as confirmation your bouquet has arrived and the process will begin! Only the freshest blooms will be hand selected, processed and preserved. Due to the nature of this craft, this service can not be rushed. The whole preservation process can take 16-20 weeks depending on the season and availability. 

What is resin/epoxy?

Resin is a two part liquid that cures into a solid piece with the appearance of glass. Blue & Rose Studio uses multiple resins depending on the item created. Resins used for coasters and charcuterie boards are safe for incidental contact. 

What should I expect?

A beautiful, hand crafted one of a kind piece. Although handmade is never perfect, I certainly will try to achieve perfection! To really break it down, I am taking a living thing and doing all but magic to hold it's form and stop the natural decaying process. Flower preservation is an art form which I have learned to excel in through lots of trail and error. Not all flowers preserve the same and all flowers experience change throughout the process. Flowers will change in shape, texture and color. Red flowers dry darker while white flowers dry in multiple shades ranging from bright white, yellow, beige and brown. White flowers show bruising more easily, which result as translucent spots when resin is poured. I will do my absolute best to preserve your flowers in the condition they arrive in; handmade is not a copy and paste process so some imperfections are to be expected. 

Why are there some translucent spots?

This is bruising which is invisible until it meets resin. Bruising is unavoidable and 100% out of my control. What causes bruising? Many factors like the way the flowers are grown, temperature, handling by farmer, florist, and anyone that comes into contact with your bouquet. This is just part of the journey your bouquet embarked upon to make it's way to you! My recommendation for avoiding bruising? Choose a bouquet with lots of color and texture! Opting for a bouquet with long stems rather than floral foam or a plastic holder make a big difference as well. 

What is the difference between preservation and pressing?

Preservation is the art of drying flowers in their current condition and fullness. White flowers tend to dry into a yellow hue and red flowers into a dark burgundy. This is the method I specialize in. Pressing is the process of drying flower so they lay paper flat. Although beautiful, this is not a service I provide. 


Will my resin piece last?

Yes! Resin cures into a hard, glass like material with a glossy finish which lasts a lifetime. Although I use UV inhibitors, all resin will yellow/amber over time. This is part of the natural aging process and can not be avoided. I believe this amber hue adds to the beautiful, vintage look! Keeping your piece out of heat or direct sunlight will help slow down this process. 


My month is black out, is there a waiting list?

Yes, please email me at blueandrosestudio@gmail.com

How do I care for my one of a kind resin piece? 

Caring for resin is simple! Keep you item out of direct sunlight/heat and clean with a soft cloth. Warm soapy water works well. Regularly oil charcuterie boards and hand wash, storing upright to dry.

 Do you accept returns? 

Due to the nature of the items, I do not accept any returns or refunds. Each piece is uniquely created for you! Please reach out if you are unhappy with the finished product. Handmade means there will be some imperfections as these pieces are made by a person and not by a machine. 

My order says delivered but I haven't received it.  

Once an item is marked shipped and is in the hands of USPS (or any other carrier), the buyer is responsible for contacting USPS to file a claim for items lost or stolen. Tracking numbers and insurance is provided with all priority shipping orders. Tracking number can be found in shipping email notification. First class shipping does not qualify for insurance coverage or tracking. 

How do I know if my order has shipped or ready for pick up?

An email with your tracking number or pick up information is emailed to you. Please check you spam folder or reach out directly. 

*All local pick up and drop off are contact free. You order will be labeled and placed in the basket on the porch.